Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the FAQs we receive at Eastrise Aviation. If you did not find an answer, feel free to contact us.

Flight Training FAQ

Yes, an applicant of a student pilot licence must be at least 16 years or older. s/he must also have a valid class II medical certificate and be able to read and write the English language.
You are required to purchase your own headset which will cost from MWK 400,000 to MWK 900,000 (USD $550 to $1,200) depending on the brand and features. A spare headset is also available for hire at MWK7,500 (USD $10) per training session. Headsets are provided for in-flight use to charter clients which must be returned to our reception upon completion of flight.
No. Our training aircraft cannot carry passengers other than the flying instructor and student.
All our students have a log book which enables them to transfer the credits to another flight training institution. Conditions vary from country to country. Eastrise Aviation does not facilitate credit transfer for students. We may, upon request and at a small fee issue a letter or provide documentation to our students who want to transfer their credits.
Malawi civil aviation regulations invalidate medical certificates for people with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus. A designated medical examiner will explain in detail and walk you through the process accordingly. Please refer to the Personnel Licencing section of the Malawi Civil Aviation Regulations. Special requirements also need to be met for applicants who are HIV positive according to law.
It is very unlikely to get lost during your training if you follow instructions. Our training includes what to do in the event that a student pilot is lost while flying solo. Moreover, your instructor will fly with you on that solo route before releasing you.
When officially admitted as a student, you will receive an invoice against which payment must be made either directly to the Eastrise Aviation bank account by a wire transfer or direct cash deposit. In all cases, we will require authentic and original proof of payment such as a wire transfer advice slip and/or a cash deposit slip.
We all have childhood dreams of flying airplanes when we grow up. Flying is different from driving a car- the environment is different just like the demands and personality traits required. Before you consider pursuing a flying career, we encourage you to take a discovery flight.
It may take up to 4 weeks for a pilot's licence to be issued in Malawi after completing your flight training. Under certain circumstances it may take longer or shorter.
We all learn differently so there is no short answer. However, if you are able to pay for the training upfront or have enough funds on standby, it will take a month and a half on average to finish the practical training. The theoretical part and knowledge tests take longer to complete -- sometimes going beyond 6 months.
Absolutely no! We want to train safe pilots not get people pilot licences. Our core aim is to holistically train, build and maintain skills for pilots. The licence they are issued is just incidental to this.
We offer limited flying training scholarships for Malawian would-be pilots. We review scholarship applications on a rolling basis. Additional opportunities will be announced on our website, social media and/or in the print media as they arise.
We will in due course partner with local banks and other finance institutions to offer loans to students. This information will be available on our website.
You can find out more about our team on the About Us page.
YES. Malawi is a signatory to the Chicago Convention so the Malawi PPL is very likely to be recognized in another country. However, just as any other pilot's licence, you will have to write air law exams and take a flight test. Conditions may vary. We advise potential students to first check with the relevant authority in their country before enrollment
Although all doctors undergo rigorous training, not all of them are permitted to conduct an aviation medical examination. AMEs undergo special (additional) training related to the aviation world and receive additional licences. Although we do not have many of them in Malawi, the few that are there are sufficient – at least for now. You can get the latest information about AMEs on the CAA website as well as by contacting the Directorate. We recommend Dr. Jaap Vrijburg – an aviation medical examiner based in Lilongwe. You can drop us an email to request his contact details (email address and phone number).
We strongly recommend getting a medical exam first. It would be a waste of your time, money and effort to realise that after a successful ground school, you are unable to fly because of a medical issue. Most people pass the medical test. However, being prudent is key – never start the ground school without being sure of your medical condition. You will also need to study and pass the air law exams to be eligible for a student pilot licence. The air law exam has 50 multiple-choice questions. A pass mark of 75 percent is required.
YES. Some of your flight lessons during your instrument commercial training will be at night. You will take 5 hours of training at night which includes five take-offs and landings . This will enable you to legally exercise the duties of a pilot in command (PIC) at night in VFR conditions.

General FAQ

We are always looking at maintaining a manageable and adequate fleet. Details of the number of aircraft we have at Eastrise Aviation are available on the Our Fleet page.
Please forward all suggestions by email to the address provided on this website. You can also contact us by phone. We recommend using email as you will be assigned a special ticket ID which helps us track the progress and enables you to provide feedback if your query has been resolved.
We are not presently open to the public for shareholding. There is of course such a possibility in the future. We will in due course advertise that information in the print and electronic media including this website.
YES. We presently support a local NGO called Urunji Child-Care Trust. In the future we plan to open up to other civil society organization in Malawi in the form of grants and capacity building.
Flying in Malawi is safe as the country maintains international standards on airman and aircraft certification.
The dream to start Eastrise Aviation started in the year 2016. In 2018, the first negotiations to acquire an aircraft were underway. We acquired our first aircraft in December 2018. Operations were planned for the first quarter of year 2019.
We will reschedule a flight at the earliest opportunity. Should this not be possible, a full refund is given.
We do not refund no-shows, requests for cancellations made less than 12 hours prior to flight or requests not made in writing. You must receive written acknowledgement from Eastrise Aviation when you cancel a booking. Without which, no refunds will be made. All refunds will require an administration fee unless necessitated by bad weather, safety issues or the nonavailability of aircraft.
We promise you not to sell your private information to a third party. However, should a regulator or legal authority demand the information, we may provide that information in whole or in part.

Ground School FAQ

Yes. Foreign nationals wishing to do their private pilot training in Malawi are welcome. Pay the regular training fees -- no higher foreign student fees applicable
No, we have both online and on-campus ground schools. Students from the latter also have free access to the online ground school. We will continuously arrange for face-to-face workshops, webinars as well as interacting with our online students to ensure they get the best possible learning experience. For example, when the student(s) start(s) the Navigation and/or the Flight Performance & Planning modules. Costs for travel, accommodation and meals related to the face-to-face workshops will be borne by the student. We will however provide free refreshments during the workshops.
The online ground school is taken at the student’s convenience. It also has the advantage of computer-based mock exams which will show the result immediately as opposed to the on-campus ground school which requires a tutor to mark the tests.
The Eastrise Aviation ground school has courses, interactive content like quizzes, videos, downloadable resources and links to external sites for additional reading. When you subscribe to our online or on-campus ground schools, you have access to the free online test engine – an ever-growing question bank comprising of more than 5,000 questions and answers as well as answer explanations. This will prepare the student for real exams and will cement the knowledge gained from our ground schools. All these additional goodies are without an additional charge!
With the help of a consultant, the courses were developed in-house. This enables us to constantly revise them based on both local and international developments.
You can actually test-drive our ground school by creating a free account. Your free access to the Eastrise Aviation online ground school will lapse after 7 days.
If you go beyond the duration of your subscription, you will have to pay half the price for an extension. Moreover, you will have to provide proof that you are the one who will be using the online ground school otherwise a full subscription will be required. In rare cases, we might extend the online ground school access for free when concrete reasons are given – for example illness or death of a closest family member. These are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. As such we cannot guarantee that your access will be extended at no additional cost.
We want to increase the employability prospects for all our commercial pilots. One of the ways is that they could build their required hours towards the Airline Pilot Licence by being an instructor. As you fly with a student, you also accumulate hours in your own logbook. Secondly, as we grow, we want to give a priority to our graduates to become our instructors.
The purpose is two-fold: firstly is to give the students a pace to follow. If you complete your ground school earlier and start the flight training, you are likely to cement your theoretical training with the flying training. This is equally true if you concurrently do your ground school and the flying training. Secondly, we want to prevent some dishonest students from giving ground school access to their friends or relatives.
To ensure that we are able to maintain our online ground school with integrity, we pay for a premium web hosting account. We also pay annual subscriptions for the membership as well as other plugins used on this site. Not to mention the salaries that our ground school technical and administrative team have to be paid as well as the government fees et cetera. All this costs us money.
Yes, check out our ground school discount codes on our main website. The discount codes are usually valid for 1 year or ten students – whichever comes first. Students who enroll after test-driving the online ground school are also eligible for up to 10 percent discount on their online ground school subscription. The discount code is generated after they complete the course.
We think it is sufficient. We have done so much research to ensure that we cover all potential knowledge areas that are required. We complement this with a free subscription to our test engine which has mock exams that prepare the student for actual tests. Despite our careful preparation of the content, we do not take responsibility for any losses or damages whatsoever arising from the content of the curriculum being different from actual examinations. We will thus require that you read and agree to our terms and conditions before purchasing a course.
A subscriber must be at least 16 years or older. Please note that students aged below 18 must obtain a written consent from their parent or guardian before they can be officially enrolled in either our online or on-campus ground schools.
All exams have some level of difficulty. However, with the right preparation, you have the potential of passing at the first attempt.
It depends on the type of exam. In 2018, the fees were between MWK6,000 and MWK15,000 per subject.
No we don't. Our online ground school has all the materials (text, videos and rich multimedia) to the end that students do not need books. The Eastrise learning portal has interactive content that enhances the student's learning experience. We believe that the online ground school content is sufficient and thus do not recommend that students purchase additional books which are bulky. As you can see, a student can access all their subscribed courses on a laptop or iPad without the need of carrying a bag full of books!
We recommend you start with the Air Law course if you would like to do flying training concurrently with your ground school.
The Aviation (Approved Training Organisation) Regulations 2013 empower and require all approved training organisations (ATOs) to confer awards (graduation certificates) for every approved course of training a student completes [1, pp. 436]. It is on this background that Eastrise Aviation awards certificates to students who successfully complete approved courses delivered through the online as well as the taught ground schools. These certificates are not to be interpreted as pilot licences or ratings. Students must still sit for and pass the prescribed examinations to be awarded a pilot licence by the Malawi Civil Aviation Authority (DCA). Students must also satisfy other requirements such as medical fitness et cetera indicated in the Aviation (Personnel Licencing) Regulations, 2013. The Eastrise online ground school automatically generates a certificate for such courses when the student passes the end of course exam with a score of 80 percent or higher. Students may be required to sit for invigilated examinations at the Eastrise facility before an original certificate is issued. Notwithstanding this requirement, every student shall have the right to being issued a certificate of competency for every course that s-he has successfully completed in accordance with the Act.

Employment FAQ

We review applications on a rolling basis so you should be hearing from us at the earliest opportunity.
YES. We welcome part time positions for flying instructors who are already based in Malawi and have the relevant qualifications.
We have carefully developed the application form to enable us extract only the information that is relevant. You thus do not need to submit an application letter or CV.
For flying instructors (pilots) we are open to all nationalities due to the shortage of pilots in Malawi. For other positions preference is given to locals or foreign nationals already in Malawi already having relevant work and residency permits.
Our probation period is 3 months from the date of engagement. We may revise the period and other conditions should legislation change.
We will obtain written permission first from you before we contact your former employer for a reference. This is a key requirement when we are engaging pilots and flight instructors.
Our database will store submissions for 12 months. Thereafter, submissions will be automatically deleted.
No. However, pilots are required to have a valid medical certificate and licence.
If your question has not been answered in these FAQs, feel free to contact us.

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