Flight training costs in Malawi are generally lower than other countries. Here is a summary of the normal costs of flight training in Malawi:

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Private Pilot Licence

The PPL is the first licence every student pilot gets upon successfully passing the tests. The minimum requirement for the issuance of a PPL are 45 hours of flight training broken up into minimum dual, solo and simulator training. A PPL holder with a valid medical can fly anywhere in Visual Meteorological Conditions. S/he may not fly for reward but is allowed to carry non-fee paying passengers. Here is the outline of the minimum requirements:

  • 16 Dual instruction hours
  • 24 Solo hours
  • 5 Simulator dual hours*
  • Briefings
  • Ground School (9 subjects)
  • Navigational exercises
  • Knowledge tests at DCA

Night Rating

The night rating enables a pilot to fly at night in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC). This is a great addition to the initial Private Pilot’s Licence as the hours logged count towards the commercial pilot licence and overall pilot experience. It is valid for life subject to the validity of a PPL. Here is the Night Rating course outline:

  • 3 Night navigation hours
  • 2 circuits
  • Briefings
  • Ground School (1 subject)
  • Free mock exams
  • Knowledge test at DCA

Instrument Rating

The IR enables a pilot to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (cloudy conditions with low visibility) while maintaining two-way radio communication with Air Traffic Control. The rating is a step towards becoming a commercial pilot. Here is the Instrument Rating course outline:

  • 3 Instrument hours
  • 2 Circuits
  • 5 Simulator hours*
  • Briefings
  • Ground School (1 subject)
  • Free mock exams
  • Knowledge test at DCA

Ground School

Civil aviation regulations in Malawi and internationally require that all students train at an Approved Training Organisation (ATO). As such, we will only offer a full package that includes ground school and flight instruction. Students may elect to do the ground school completely online or to use both platforms. Students can enroll at any time of the year.

Basic Requirements

  • 60 Hours Flight Training
  • Ground School
  • Mock Exams
  • Text Books

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Financing Your Training

Financing Your Training

Here are some considerations on how you could finance your flight training in Malawi. The first option is of course a bank loan.
We also have a few scholarships for your flight training for Malawian students only.

Bank Loans

Bank loans may not be suitable or available to everyone especially in an emerging economy like Malawi. This is not a limiter: it is an opportunity for aspiring pilots to broaden their thinking horizon. Perhaps selling a property one does not need could help raise funds. It could sometimes take giving up a few luxuries.

Payment Terms

At Eastrise, our flying training payment terms are flexible. You can choose to pay-as-you-go, in full or in installments. There is no interest payable. Price adjustments may apply to both PAYG and installments students should the economic and operating environment necessitate an increment. Ground school fees have to be paid in full before commencing training.

Flying Scholarships

At Eastrise Aviation, we understand the difficulties that most aspiring pilots face: finances. We will thus provide scholarships to deserving students who meet our criteria. This includes being a bonafide citizen of Malawi with a valid citizen identification card. Other requirements apply.

Flight Simulation

Flight simulation forms part of the core training at Eastrise Aviation Malawi. In lieu of the FS, students may undertake training in actual aircraft. All our students have free access to mock exams which are available on our online test engine and the Flytex Pilot Exams Android app. This prepares them for actual knowledge tests at the Civil Aviation Authority.

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