Training Aircraft

Training Aircraft

We have acquired a brand new Dova DV-1 Skylark that we will use as a primary trainer. We also will acquire a Cessna 172 RG for advanced training to fulfil the PPL and higher licence requirements. We will continue to grow our fleet to meet our student demands.

The Dova DV-1 Skylark is a fuel-efficient and reliable light aircraft which we have assigned for primary flight training and hour building. Being a low-wing aircraft design, this is a perfect training platform for the beginning pilot operating in VMC conditions. Packed with many unique features, it is ideal for the hot Malawi climate as it is dual cooled. Most importantly, the bubble canopy brings added visibility which is a plus for the beginning pilot.

Registration Mark7Q-EAV
TTAF on Acquisition0 hrs -- brand new
Range1,000 km
Seating Capacity2 -- pilot and pax

“Our promise to our students at Eastrise Aviation is that we will never bring tired or obsolete aircraft into our fleet just to make those additional dollars”

Ian C Maliseni, Founder & CEO

We are at an advanced stage of negotiations to acquire this Cessna 177B (Cardinal) from South Africa. It is a low-time aircraft, nicely maintained by the owner and looks almost new. The aircraft has a constant speed propeller and is a good complex aircraft trainer and a cross-country machine.

Registration Mark7Q-FXT
TTAF on Acquisition3,300 hrs
Range1,000+ km
Seating Capacity4 seater

We track all our aircraft (and other ADS-B equipped aircraft flying within the range of our ADS-B antenna) live through an ADS-B ground receiver. You can help to increase coverage by ordering a free flight feeder from FlightAware.

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