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  • Olympia Blaze Hi-Viz Vest

    The Olympia Blaze Hi-Viz Vest is a high-visibility reflective vest that provides security to personnel on the ramp. We don’t compromise on safety at Eastrise. Every person needs to…

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  • Pilot Bag Flight Outfitters

    The Flight Outfitters flight bag comes with a padded shoulder strap and an orange interior — a distinct and easily recognisable pilot bag! Does NOT include accessories.

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  • Pilot Shirts

    We have a selection of pilot shirts with sizes ranging from slim fit, medium and large. Sold with 1-bar epaulettes (for student pilots), 2-bar epaulettes (for private pilots), and…

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  • Pilot T-Shirts Various

    We have a selection of various high-quality T-Shirts for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Grab one today at an affordable price from our store. Sizes from slim fit, medium to…

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  • Pilot’s Epaulettes

    Have a great and professional look with epaulettes on your pilot uniform. Whether you are a student pilot, private or commercial pilot, we have a selection of 1-bar epaulettes…

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  • Pilot’s Logbook Pooley’s

    Every pilot needs to log the hours s(he) spends in flight. A logbook is thus a must-have from your first day of flight. The Pooley’s Logbook is a versatile…

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  • Sierra® ANR Headset

    The Lightspeed Sierra® ANR Headset is an advanced aviation headset recommended for the pilot who wants to keep pace with technology. It comes with amazing features including dual general…

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  • Tango ANR Headset

    The Lightspeed Tango is a wireless aviation headset that offers Active Noise Reduction and Bluetooth technology. It comes with a General Aviation dual plug, Panel power (6-Pin) and a…

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