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It all started with a dream...

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“Eastrise Aviation reaches out to Malawians with the hope of providing quality aviation training and scholarships for flying training.”

Ian C Maliseni, Founder & CEO

Who We Are

Eastrise Aviation was born from every child’s dream: to fly an airplane someday. Our founder, Ian C Maliseni loved airplanes since he was young. He knew that flying is what he wanted to do. Limited by the unavailability of financial resources and a flying school in Malawi, Ian kept studying free resources online. After about 10 years of studying and immersing himself in aviation theory, he took his final step of learning to fly in South Africa.

Having gone through the difficulty of not finding a local flying school, lack of access to finance, he set up Eastrise Aviation to bridge those gaps. Our flying school is based in Lilongwe, Malawi. We welcome students from all over the world. We have a diverse team from all walks of life. Diversity defines who we are -- a continuously learning organisation that draws in experiences from across worlds.

What We Do

Eastrise Aviation reaches out to Malawians with the hope of providing quality aviation training and scholarships for flying training – not just for Malawians but also for Africans as a whole. We have an on-campus ground school for students who prefer one-on-one training. We also have an online ground school for those students who love to learn at their own pace using interactive materials.

All our students, regardless of the ground school of choice have FREE access to the Eastrise Aviation Test Prep site. This is an online test engine with over 20 question banks comprising of thousands of mock questions and answers. The site is synchronised with Flytex Pilot Exams -- our FREE Android app which prepares our students for knowledge tests at the Malawi Civil Aviation Authority.

Beliefs of Excellence

We are driven by these unique beliefs of excellence (core values)

  • Everyone has a unique talent
  • No one knows it all
  • Communication is key
  • Safety comes first
  • We are equal
  • We complement each other
  • We never stop learning

Our Vision

Our vision is Malawi where the youth realize their childhood dream of flying in a safe and unmatched environment at an affordable cost.

Our Mission

Our mission at Eastrise Aviation is to provide quality aviation services and to ensure safety of our customers – whatever it costs or takes.
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